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Emta is the strongest female fighter in the Quwaru's tribe. Victor first encounters her on the beach, when she is returning from fishing with Will-Lack and Quwaru.


She was almost as tall as Sheela, and had a lithe, toned body which reminded me of a volleyball player. She wasn’t as muscular as Liahpa, who wasn’t as muscular looking as Sheela, but body types were a bit deceiving on Dinosaurland, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if the olive-tanned woman with the two ork tusks coming out of her lower jaw could break me in two if she wanted. She turned to glare at me as she walked, and her snake-like hair thrashed around her shoulders as if they were controlled by her emotions. Has small breasts.[1]


She tells Victor that her ability is that she can heal rapidly. She is also apparently very tough. In Book 4, she runs from Quwaru's camp to Victor's camp (approximately 6 miles), in the dark, despite missing an arm and suffering from a severe chest wound.


She is initially very hostile toward Victor. She assumes the worst of him, that he plans to kill them, or to take them as slaves. At one point when Victor is meeting tribe 2, he tells Emta to go back to her cave because she is keeping them from talking due to her hostile attitude. She is against joining with Victor's tribe.


Jessica's performance of Emta is harsh, almost guttural, and slightly scratchy.

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