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Jinx is the first Dinosaur that Victor tamed.

Jinx for some reason followed Victor back to the cave the 3 women were staying in after Sheela rescued Victor. Jinx wasn't actually tamed right away. It was only after being in the cave and facing Trel's wrath for being in her sleeping area that Jinx finally started listening to Victor resulting in his tame shortly after.


Jinx is a male Jinfengopteryx Elegans with vibrant blue feathers on his body[1] and long blue tail feathers with a white underbelly.[2] While his feathers are blue he has a undercoat of white down.[3] He bears a striking resemblance to the real life Road Runner bird.[2] Like others of his species Jinx has a toothy beak, wings, long tail feathers, beady black eyes[2] and razor-sharp claws on his feet.[4] He is approx.. 1.5ft tall and 1.8ft long, beak to tail; and weighs roughly as much as a house cat.[5]


Jinx is a curious and over all friendly bird. He did not run away when first encountering Victor and instead chose to approach and investigate Victor even before he was tamed.[2] Jinx's curiosity lead him to follow Victor to the cave Victor was brought too[6] and to explore it despite the 4 people occupying it.[7] Jinx while curious and friendly is able to differentiate a friend form a threat. As such he will alert those around him when threats are present by trembling, running, and vocalizing.[8][9] Jinx while friendly is willing and able to defend himself from attackers much larger than himself with his razor-sharp claws.[4] Like all tamed creatures he is able to understand Victor, but he also seems to have a basic understanding of commands given by others.


The Cave[]

Jinx begins as a member of a pack of other Jinfengopteryx Elegans. After the pack encounters Victor, Jinx approaches Victor and sits in the hat Victor dropped. After Victor removes him from the hat, Jinx begins to discreetly follow Victor.[2] After Sheela Rescues Victor and takes him to the cave, Jinx discreetly follows them.[10] When Victor and Sheela are outside the Cave, Jinx approaches Victor and is officially Tamed.[10] After being tamed, Jinx resided in the cave with the rest of Victors' group. Jinx would go on the warn Victor the pterodactyl outside the cave by running into and pecking at Victor.[8] Shortly after the cave door as blocked with the branches of a tree, a Pelagornis Cardiffirus scout attempted to enter the cave. Jinx defended the cave, fighting the bird several times his size inside the tangle of branches eventually killing it with the assistance of Victor.[4]

The Fort[]

After Moving from the cave to the Fort Jinx was given a pile of leaves similar to the ones he had inside the cave to sleep on. As the Fort was being finished, Jinx and Hope both screeched to warn Victor and the others that a group of Deinonychus Antirrhopus have come to attack the uncompleted fort.[11] After Victor went to sleep after the attack on the fort and Kacerie's rescue, Jinx pecked at Victors face to alert him Galmine had entered the room.[12]


  • During the Tamer: King of Dinosaurs Book 8 Kickstarter, a Patch featuring Jinx was offered for a stretch goal.[13]
Jinx Patch.jpg


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