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She was a member of Quwaru's Tribe. Victor first meets her when he saves them from The Burners.


She also looked humanoid and had a magnificent mane of golden hair that fell back off her head like a waterfall and almost touched the ground. She wore a tight black bodysuit that looked like what cyclists would wear, and there was a foot long sparkly gold horn coming out of her forehead as if she was some sort of human-unicorn hybrid. Her eyes actually glowed gold also, and she stared at me the entire time she walked around the narrow path. [1]


She has the ability to "bless water," which turns it into alcohol, most likely whiskey. Initially she produces about a gallon a day.

This is a bit of play on an idea. The gaelic (specifically irish) word uisce beatha was bastardized or deliberately mispronounced as "whiskey." The literal translation is "water of life."

Homeworld and Background[]

During her first introduction, we find out that "the Golden" is a title. She tells Victor he doesn't have to use her full title since she is not on her world anymore and is not a ruler.

Personality and Interaction[]

During her first interaction with Victor, she tells Quwaru that she likes Victor, and that they should trust him even though Quwaru hasn't used her ability on him yet. She is sexually suggestive with Victor when telling him about her power, and she is the first to ask Trel if she can "get on the schedule" when Trel brings up the idea that as many of the women as possible need to bear Victor's offspring.[2]

Fighting and Combat[]

Keefaye produced the alcohol that was used to destroy The Burner encampment.


No description is given of her voice or speaking patterns. However, Jessica Threet voices her with a distinct Irish lilt, playing on the idea of whiskey as "blessed water" or "water of life."


Keefaye has not appeared in any artwork as of the publication of book 6.

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