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Trel-Idil-Iria is a Duchess of family Iria and as a consequence of her station very spoiled. Trel is taken from her home and placed on Dinosaurland sometime before Victor. She struggles to maintain her hope for rescue but soon redirects that determination to building a new home for her new family.

Background Information-[]

Not much is known of Trel's early life, but her adult life is explained in some detail.

Trel-Idil-Iriais a Duchess of the most respected family on her world (Family Iria) and comes from a cherished bloodline. As a Duchess Trel is one of the few females of her species who can actually give birth. Because of this (and her outstanding beauty) on her homeworld she is pampered and has very little to worry about; she also has a list of suitors consisting of no less than ten thousand males. This is even more surprising when considering that these men are fully aware that after copulation they will be killed and fed to their children. She has had two clutches with two different males prior to her arrival on Dinosaurland.

Trel comes from a species full of female builders and it is suspected she would be the best of her species if she did not consider such things "peasant work". Because of her species background, and skill, she has the special ability Structure Building.

Artwork History[]

Trell appeared on the cover of Tamer 3. She was also featured in three pieces of NSFW artwork for Tamer 7.