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Victor Shelby, an animal control specialist, is taken from earth to another planet by advanced and powerful entities. Despite not knowing who has abducted him or for what reason, he must fight for his survival and the survival of those who rely on him to carve out a place for his tribe on Dinosaurland.

Background Information-[]

Victor has had a life long love of animals, which was likely heightened due to growing up around his parents and their veterinary clinic. After entering high school (and despite spending time helping his parents in their clinic) Victor was known for being smart and doing well in school, a fact confirmed by Lacey Rogers (his crush since freshman year) and her friend Katie.

Victor began college after graduating from high school. Unfortunately shortly after he began college his parents died in a car crash. Because of the death of his parents Victor was forced to drop out of college and get a job in order to support himself financially. Although he was struggling financially he was able to go to school intermittently within the two years after his parent's death and earn a two-year certificate in animal science, allowing him to secure a position as an animal control specialist.


"I was a dog catcher, now I'm not. I used to think I'm a prisoner but, you can't be a prisoner if you want to be in the cell. I think, I'll be the king"

- Victor In answer to the question "Who are you"