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A member of Quwaru's tribe. Victor first encounters her when he saves them from The Burners.


a willowy woman wearing a thin white dress walked. She looked totally human, from the side, but I could only see her feet, the slight outline of her legs through her lace dress, and her long snow colored hair. Her skin was only a slight shade pinker than her dress and hair, and she walked with a slow grace that reminded me of someone moving under water. her hand and saw that her fingers were long and pointed. They almost looked as long as Trel’s fingers, but they were otherwise human looking. Eyes are like twin black holes.[1]


Stone Meld- Can cause stone to "flow" into new shapes. The ability is slow. When she first encounters Victor, she says it takes her several days to form the 5' cube blocks they are using for their defenses. She is artistic, and likes to use her ability to form sculptures.

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